So long, Buffy.


For those that don’t know me (and who am I kidding, anyone reading this probably knows me), I should probably preface this post by saying I tend towards obsession. I don’t casually like stuff; I fall dramatically for it for a few months on end until it fades away to a small place that will always be devoted to it in my heart. Bands, actors, films, tv shows- everything has its turn.

This holiday, in particular, it’s been bad. If your name rhymes with clay fin, you’ll know this already as I’ve been pestering you with my frustration as we compared our respective TV battle scars (too melodramatic there?). I’ve been squeezing my LoveFilm account to the max watching crazy amounts of Buffy.

I think it’s important that you know why I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer (you know, for the record). I love that it’s a show featuring a fully fleshed out heroine who kicks ass, when I can’t recall a single other. I love the theme. I love the way it tackles complicated issues including depression, sexism and bereavement sympathetically and without patronising them, whilst also covering the universal themes of life, love, and family. I love the way these themes aren’t overbearing (in a Glee way), but are threaded into the plot. I love that despite all this, it also manages to be hilarious and sweet.  I love the random episode where everyone bursts into song. I love that it shows a healthy homosexual relationship. I love that many of the character arcs span the full 7 seasons so we are rewarded with more developed, interesting characters as we go along. I love short episode titles like ‘Seeing Red’ and ‘Villains’ that take on so many meanings after you’ve seen them. I love the clearly 90s budget effects. I love that I could list these for hours.

tumblr_mdc5ibN9Xj1rg7hj8o1_500It’s not perfect, though. Yes, I’m talking weird frankensteiny arch-villains, boring boyfriends and killing off my favourite character in a really random, crappy way.  But in a sense, the imperfections make it all the more awesome when they finally get it right. I’m willing to endure a couple of seasons of Buffy being in a normal, healthy relationship provided I finally get to celebrate the dramatic break-up later on (and yes, I’m aware of how twisted that sounds).

But now I’m finished. I got through the last episode. I’m done.

Well, apart from Angel. But spin-offs don’t count, right? Right?