I think I’d be a pretty badass old lady.

I was sat in the library the other day on a break from revision, when I turned to my boyfriend (who was not on a break from revision) and asked which old lady hairstyle I could pull off. Like, when I’m old. He looked very confused, and asked me where this had come from and why I was worrying about it. His response was to be expected but not the answer I was looking for, so if we eventually become ‘that old couple with really bad hair’ I’m blaming him.

I know I’m planning pretty far ahead here, but you need to think about this kind of stuff. Because I really like the idea that I could pull off Judi Dench’s amazing pixie cut but I’m fairly sure you’d need thicker hair for it to work. I mean, I don’t want to get my long hair lopped off and then ‘Oh no, people can see my scalp! I look bald! Get me a hat stat’.