Gatsby? What Gatsby?

How on Earth does DiCaprio look so young here? He looks like his own waxwork (that said, I’ve seen his waxwork and it’s pretty awful).

My friends and I went to see The Great Gatsby the other night. We arrived fairly early so we were surprised to find that it had almost sold out- the only seats we could book together were right at the front in the corner! So we sat down, grumbling. About 5 mins later a group of crazy-excited girls were filing into the row behind, and one of them suddenly burst out with ‘I will never be this close to Leonardo DiCaprio’s face again!!’. Well, that’s another way of looking at it.

That aside though, I loved the film. It wasn’t realistic in any way, or entirely coherent, the ‘symbols’ hit you like a sledgehammer and the characters had no depth to them whatsoever (although you could pin this down on the book, to be fair). But it was so much fun! You can lose yourself in the massive party scenes (and to be fair we were so close at times it felt like we really did) then jump in your seat when DiCaprio does his trademark ‘screaming red face‘. I mean, our first introduction to Gatsby is just so ridiculously over-the-top-bonkers – I’ve never laughed so much in a cinema before.

Go see.