Lost in ‘Lost In Translation’

Lost In Translation is fast becoming my go-to film for when I’m feeling a little depressed or alienated. For those that don’t know it, it follows the paths of two Americans lost – emotionally – in Tokyo, Bob (Bill Murray), a past-it film star shooting a gin ad, and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), a woman fresh out of her studies accompanying her increasingly distant photographer husband.

It’s a beautiful film. Every frame of Sofia Coppola’s masterpiece is a work of art, and the cinematography is just gorgeous. It transports you to Japan, encapsulating the beauty in its embrace of both modernisation and tradition, and giving you a sense of the isolation that being transplanted into such a big city full of strangers from a foreign culture can bring as well as the elation that comes when you make a connection. The music is also perfect; I bought the soundtrack just after watching it for the first time. ‘Just Like Honey’ by The Jesus And Mary Chain makes me melt.

Murray and Johansson give brilliant performances as always. Dialogue is sparse, but you can read everything on their faces. Bill Murray is and will always be a class act, and the stockings scene had me in stitches! They’re characters to identify with, to laugh with, to explore Tokyo with. And that’s why it’s a good me-time film. You should see it.


I go on the radio for a few minutes!

Spoke to Huw Stephens in for Scott Mills on Radio 1 on Wednesday, which was a little scary! They asked for anyone with an interesting fact about themselves to e-mail in, and then they called me back to quiz me about it (and decide if it was worth airing) while I was in the middle of my first student shop at ALDI. They called me again to ask some more stuff the next day and then once more an hour later so I could do my bit. The fact was originally ‘I did my first skydive at the age of 10’ but the second guy asked me to change it slightly after I made an (I guess slightly humorous?) offhand comment before they recorded.

They cut about half of it out, including the bit where they ask what song I’m into at the moment, Two Fingers by Jake Bugg (probably because Huw started rambling about how this was because I like Jake Bugg and not because I like swearing at people). I like it because he comes from my hometown and it’s really weird timing that a song by an 18 year old about leaving Nottingham behind and moving on has started to gain speed just as I’m doing the same (although clearly I’m a lot cleaner!)… Well, here it is, anyway. ‘There’s a story for every corner of this place…’

I didn’t tell many people about it in advance in case I sounded like a spanner. But now that it’s over, if you’re interested you can iplayer my 3 mins of fame at http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01n92wg/Huw_Stephens_Squirrels_With_Swag_And_Kate_Middleton!/ (@47.16-50.00).


Yoko Ono should be my crazy/sage aunt.


Just stuck this quote up on my wall –

In one of her twitter Q&As, Yoko was asked whether religion was necessary in a world where many people choose to be atheists. She said:

“I think we should all have some belief we love. Some of us may believe in eating well. Some of us believe in making a big family. I personally believe in a walk. I do that even when it’s raining a little. After a good walk, you really feel like you are cleansed spiritually.”

I love Yoko.