My New Favourite Thing: hitRECord.

It’s an interesting idea. When you’ve created something, your natural urge is to protect it and hide it away from others, much like a dog that’s snuffed out a half-eaten sausage. But what if you shared that sausage? What if you gave other people free rein with that sausage, and allowed the sausage to reach its true potential? Sorry, that’s a really bad metaphor, let’s just forget that. I’ll start again. was set up by Joseph Gordon-Levitt a few years ago, and it acts as a sort of platform for artists to collaborate and create stuff together. It’s usually directed towards travelling shows and periodic projects, such as The Tiny Book Of Tiny Stories, a book of adorable stories and accompanying illustrations from the site, and RECollection, a kind of anthology of different works (they’re currently working on a TV show). Basically, if you upload something, anyone can download it. They have to attribute credit to you, but aside from that they can try and improve on it or change it in any way they like.

Say, for example, you enjoy writing but you can’t draw. At all. Well, if you upload your written piece and it’s good, someone may see it and edit or change it slightly. Another person could then come across it and draw an illustration to accompany it. Someone else might then animate the drawing while another decides to record a voiceover and compose a song. And it feels really nice to see people taking up an idea (your idea) and making it into something awesome you couldn’t do alone. You can’t necessarily control what comes out at the end, but that’s the beauty of it.

I’m really starting to get into it (the lack of anything in particular to do over the hol may have something to do with that!), and though it’s weird seeing other people uploading videos with me in them, it’s also fascinating to see what they do with them.


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