Wake up and smell the music!

I’ve been finding it difficult to get up in the morning these days. Not in a depressed way, fortunately. It’s more the fact that I’m in a kind of no-man’s land of motivation- I don’t need to get up to go to lessons or study or sort out accommodation or anything like that. In terms of my overall life plan, I’m mostly on track! The problem is that for half the week I do have a 6:10AM start and a full 8 hours work ahead of me – it’s pretty difficult to gather the will to flip out of bed and get a wriggle on sometimes. So I made a playlist on 8tracks (so much love for that website. It’s just amazing that you can listen to playlists from people around the globe, finding those with similar tastes, discovering new artists and it is so gratifying when you get people listening to playlists of your own!).

My get-up-and-go:



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