The day I make an origami crane mobile!*

*and I mean the pretty dangly stuff kind of mobile, not a really crap version of the batmobile.

I saw this image the other day-

I thought ‘It’s very beautiful! and ‘Hey, I can make cranes!’, inspiring me to try my hand at my own bastardised version! I thought it could be a nice personalised touch in my dorm room, as I can’t exactly cover it in pictures like I do now (though obviously I’ll still pop a few up). So this is my take-

a little more colourful (because I didn’t have enough paper of a single colour) but I think it adds to its charm 🙂 I think it’ll hang nicely in my room. So if you’re at all interested in how I made it or want to try it out, here is how I did it :

First, you make the cranes. Obviously. If you don’t know how, I’ve put together a little guide but I know how difficult it is to follow pictures on a screen so feel free to look around on youtube or wherever if you can’t make out certain bits.

One down, just 17 more to go! (or however many you plan to use. A Japanese legend promises that if you fold 1000 you will be granted a wish by a crane. Like a kind of feathered genie with a penchant for folded paper.)

Here’s how you make the garland:



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