Styling it out.

ok, so I got into York, yay! Very excited. My nervousness has sort of ebbed away like a puddle, but I’m sure I’ll be hit by another tidal wave as the time gets nearer. It does mean that I have a lot of stuff to buy, the usual I guess- pans, sheets, tupperware, those little poofy things you use for showering… But I’ve also had to set aside a load of money for clothes. Anyone who has seen me about at 6th form can see that I’ve basically stuck to a uniform of tees and jeans for the majority of the two years. This is partly because it’s comfy, partly because I’m usually broke (after spending all my money on music) and partly because I couldn’t be bothered.

So now my jeans have all decided to start springing holes everywhere, giving me an excuse to start from scratch. Which is fine! I put together a load of images to try and get an idea of what stuff I needed to get and budget everything- I think it really seems to shout ‘dapper, with a hint of hobo’. It’s an amalgamation of all the little stylish touches that interest me, from JGL’s adorable cardigan in (500) Days of Summer to Graham Coxon’s pretty grungy look by way of geeky fashion. Managed to FINALLY track down a decent army jacket in a vintage shop in Newark today, can’t wait to try it out (very much inspired by Lindsay in Freaks and Geeks!).




One thought on “Styling it out.

  1. You have great fashion sense! đŸ˜€ And congratulations on getting into York! Seriously, good luck for everything in the next academic year… And feel the synergy!

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