I’m sure that,…

I’m sure that, to you, my list is just that: a rather long, slightly boring, list. But it’s strange, I’ve never showed my list in it’s entirety to ANYONE, it just feels so personal! But I decided, as I couldn’t think of a better post to kick-start the blog with than my motivation for doing it, I would swallow my pride and just put it out there for the world to see (Ha! Yeah, right, the world. Or perhaps just one or two bored people that I managed to convince to read it!). I know it’s a little unusual, too- I guess they aren’t all the orthodox, exhilarating experiences like ‘Do a skydive’ that most people put, but they are things I’ve always wanted to do (and I WILL get a photo with every TARDIS in Britain goddamn it!). They might not seem grandiose or ambitious, or even specific, but I wrote them bearing in mind that sometimes, you just fail. I hope I don’t come across as overly pessimistic, but I don’t want to always regret not doing or achieving something in my past that I can’t go back and change. I want to go to my grave thinking ‘You know what, I’m so glad I went to see some amazing bands, travelled the world, became fluent in a second language and did brilliant things with my friends!’ rather than ‘Damnit, I will never get that A in my A-Level Chemistry exam!’. I made the list last year after deciding that life wasn’t all about study or TV or work, but the fantastic and sometimes strange little moments in between. Perhaps this will be one of them.


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