The Bucket List (July 2012)

1. Go to University.

2. See absolute favourite band (Friendly Fires).

3. Go on holiday with friends.

4. Learn all the rules of rugby.

5. See the England rugby team play a match.

6. Climb Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

7. Become fluent in French.

8. Learn to imitate an accent.

9. Go zorbing.

10. See Coldplay.

11. Go to a proper music festival.

12. Own all Christopher Nolan’s films.

13. Own all Heath Ledger’s films.

14. Be an extra in a film/television series.

15. Write a short story/script/play.

16. Create a masterpiece.

17. Cook the best version of a dish I have ever tasted.

18. Run a half-marathon.

19. Get over my fears.

20. See another of my favourite actors on stage.

21. Take a bus/coach/train tour of Britain.

22. See an arty film at the cinema.

23. Raise £1000 for charity.

24. Try ‘street luge’.

25. Do charity work for at least 3 months straight.

26. Get a tortoise.

27. Learn an instrument to a good level.

28. Start a blog.

29. Sign up for the bone marrow register.

30. Donate blood.

31. Learn to ride a horse.

32. Go to a food festival and try everything possible.

33. Watch a Shakespeare play at the Globe.

34. Ride a mattress down a staircase.

35. Dye hair a weird colour.

36. Watch a meteor shower.

37. Plant a tree.

38. Film a short movie with a coherent plot.

39. See a West End/Broadway musical.

40. Sign up to become an organ donor.

41. Learn a martial art.

42. Decide on impulse a country to visit.

43. Get photo taken with every TARDIS in Britain.

44. Learn the alphabet backwards.

45. Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.



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